My Story

I am grateful for the teaching of Thomas McDonald and support from the Riverside Arts Center. My work is often inspired by the Midwest landscape that surrounds Lake Michigan, and rich imagery of 19th century painters such as Whistler, Turner, Innes and, pre-impressionist France. I live in Miller Beach, Indiana with partner, Mauro, and enjoy the occasional company of my children and grandchildren.  



Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

Heartland    Traverse City, MI.   2019

Found    Riverside, IL  2010

Seasons of the Riverwalk   Naperville IL  2004

Midwest Landscapes   Naperville, IL   2003

Inside Riverside   Riverside, IL   2003

Views from The Skyway   Cicero, IL  2002

Views from the Skyway   Riverside, IL   2002

Recent Works   Maywood, IL   1999

Recent Works   Riverside, IL   1998

Group Exhibitions

The Minds I    Chicago, IL   2012, 2016

Adam and Eve   Riverside, IL   2007

Dreamings from the Shaven Plain   Chicago, IL   2003

Spirituality and Art   Riverside, IL   2002

Animal Instincts   Flint, MI   2001

Women's Works  Woodstock, IL  2005, 2002

DeCaprio Gallery    Palos Hills, IL  1999,2000, 2002-2004

Crosscurrents  Michigan City, IN   2000- 2002

23d Annual Baer Exhibition   Chicago, IL   1999

Annual Acrylic & Casien Painters  New York, NY   1999


My Medium

I gravitate toward used surfaces, found materials and mixing media.